Employee Experience - The Assignment Cycle

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Learning objectives
  • Knowing what is meant by the nine phases of the Assignment Cycle;  
  • Understanding the importance of a thorough selection process of the candidate assignee (and partner) ;   
  • Understanding the importance of ongoing support before, during and after the assignment;
  • Understanding the importance of a proper repatriation plan;
  • Knowing what is meant by Key Performance Indicators (KPI);
  • Understanding the importance of reliable KPI's for the GM Function.
Recommended level of knowledge: Cultural Awareness (part 1, 2 and 3) and Global Competency (The iA Business Case)
Duration video lesson: 14 minutes
Number of pages handbook: 8
Course number 19.02.04
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Employee Experience: The Assignment Cycle

One of the challenges assignees and their spouses feel today is that they are treated like a number:...