Labour Law - 2) Extraterritorial Scope of Law

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Learning objectives:
  • Understanding that each country has its own Labour Law regime;
  • Understanding that a regime consists of several sources of Law;
  • Understanding how these sources of law relate to each other within a national framework;
  • Knowing that parties cannot deviate from mandatory provisions of Labour Law by an employment contract;
  • Knowing that a Labour Law regime also has an extra-territorial scope;
  • Understanding the risks that come with international employment when ignoring the extra-territorial scope of mandatory provisions.
Recommended level of knowledge: International Labour Law Part 1
Duration video: 7 minutes
Number of pages handbook: 5
Number of tests: 6
Course number 19.03.02
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International Labour Law Part 2 - Extra-Territorial Labour Law

Since worldwide unification of Labour Law doesn’t exist, each country has its own regime that not on...