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Unprecedented times, unprecedented opportunities!

The Expatise Academy’s goal is to support the professional and personal growth of Global Mobility professionals in HR and Relocation roles around the world by transferring knowledge, enhancing skills, disclosing reliable information and unlocking trusted sources of information and providers of services.

In these unprecedented times, we feel the need to offer an unprecedented opportunity. Expatise Academy has therefore decided to offer a substantial discount on the license fee for those GM professionals who want to stay on top of current events, share experiences and best practices with peers around the world and continue to grow their expertise.

We need to ask you for a contribution because:

  • we do NOT sell any advertising space
  • we do NOT have any sponsors
  • we do NOT receive any subsidies
  • we do NOT spoil your experience with Google ads
  • we do NOT track you by means of hidden cookies.

Instead, Expatise Academy maintains its non-commercial status to safeguard its independence, high-quality standard, and reliability in the Global Mobility Education field worldwide.

To access the Educate Yourself portal, you need a license. The regular license fee amounts to €950 plus vat per year (€80 per month). However, Expatise members only pay an amount of €30 plus vat per month per person. For this amount, you will get free access to all courses, webinars and communities and receive an accredited certification for your continuing education. 
  • Once you have become a member of the Expatise Academy Linkedin Group, click the "ORDER" button on this page, create your personal account and pay the annual license fee
  • Next, sign in on this page: https://elearning.expatise.academy/do?action=home
  • Here you will find your personal catalogue. Open the catalogue and get started.

Duration license to use the Educate Yourself Portal: 365 days from first login onwards. 

Contact learning@expatise.academy for information.

About the Educate Yourself Portal

The Expatise Educate Yourself Portal provides you with a wide selection of courses on Global Mobilit...