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The Corona virus has led to a large number of restrictions regarding travelling and working that confront GM professionals with situations that have never occurred before.

Like for instance in the case where the employee has agreed to a transfer abroad for an indefinite or definite period of time but due to government restrictions cannot travel to that country and take up employment there. Or the commuter who usually travels between the country of residence and the country of work, but due to the Corona travel ban, cannot cross the border.

In this Peer-to-Peer Community, you will find the following discussion threads where you can exchange information with fellow GM professionals:

  1. Continuation contract: Does your company respect the agreed employment contract, even if the employee cannot be physically present in the host country. What are the options.

  2. Social security: Does working in another country than the one the assignee has been assigned to, have implications for the determination of applicable social security legislation.

  3. Healthcare Insurance: One of the consequences is that problems arise in insuring the person concerned (consequences in case of sickness/accident). What are the options.

  4. Immigration: Visas and Permits have been issued on the basis of the employment contract but it is not possible to comply with what has been agreed. What are the options.

  5. Working from home: Some companies want their workers to be able to work for the company from a location (mostly from home) other than the one stated in the contract (in most cases their home country). What are the concerns and possible consequences.

  6. Personal Income Tax: Payment of wages and reimbursement of costs continue, what tax consequences this has for the worker and the company.

  7. Continuation reimbursement of costs: Most policies state that any travel and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed. Can the worker also ask this when they are staying elsewhere for a prolonged period of time (cannot travel any further, returning to their own home situation is not an option for the person concerned).

  8. Expiration employment contract - Company policy: There are current employment contracts with foreign local hires that will expire shortly . Contractually there will no longer be an employment relationship, but the expectation is that these people will not be able to leave the country where they are now. What can the company do for the person concerned.

  9. Expiration employment contract - Visa/permits: Contractually there will no longer be an employment relationship with the foreign local hire, but the expectation is that these people will not be able to leave the country where they are now. What are the options.

Undoubtedly, there will be many more questions/ concerns. Please share with us your suggestions for additional threads via

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Corona News Service

In this Community, you will find several discussion threads where you can exchange information with ...