A Spectacular Discount: Access to all courses for €250!

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We are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Expatise® with YOU

This year, it was 20 years ago that Expatise was registered as an official ®brand, and our journey started toward global recognition of HR Global Mobility as a unique Expertise and the importance of this Profession.

To celebrate this important milestone, we chose a gift to help you overcome the challenges of a fast and profoundly changing Global Mobility landscape and support the HR GM function in becoming vitally important for the organization's success and the well-being of its international workforce. We decided to give you a substantial discount on the license fee for the Expatise® Educate Yourself Portal: 

The 12-month license fee now only costs €250 per person.

The regular license fee is €950 plus VAT per person per 12 months.

This offer applies to in-house HR GM professionals. If you are a service provider, please contact learning@expatise.academy. We also have a special offer for you. 

This is a limited-time offer and only applies during the celebration.

So don't wait too long and apply now!


About the Educate Yourself Portal

The Expatise Educate Yourself Portal is the home base for on-demand learning. It contains a wide sel...